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Thursday 7th March

Bohemian Rhapsody (12A)
On Thursday, March 7th, Peninsular Pix presents the Queen (No, not her, the other Queen). Bohemian Rhapsody is an acclaimed biopic of singer-songwriter Farrokh Bulsara's great band and follows his career with them, his breakaway into an attempt at going solo that failed and his final reuniting with the band prior to his death. Lots of terrific songs of course, including the title number which it was said took Freddie seven years to write. Or he took seven years to write it (there is a difference). Anyway one of the lyrics is 'Mamma Mia, Mamma Mia' and you know what a magic draw those words are for Pen Pix patrons! Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon were glitzy college lads who forsook the excitement of studying for a geology or macrame degree for the boring life of rock stars. Rami Malek, Ben Hardy, Joe Mazzello and Gwilym Lee play the parts and play them well. Farrokh Bulsara? Well, you've probably guessed, that's Freddie's real name. As my cockney actor friend would say, not many people know that.

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Tattingstone Village Hall - the show will start at 8pm

Tickets are £4.50 on the door, or £4.00 in advance from the Wheatsheaf, White Horse, Case Is Altered, Stutton Community Shop, Bentley Community Shop or Marilyn (328876)

Or just text your name and number of tickets required to 07732 709656