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Thursday 2nd June

Belfast (12A)

Directed, produced and written by Kenneth Branagh, Belfast stars a 9-year-old Kenny going under the name of Buddy. This is a feel-good, black-and-white memoir of Branagh's childhood in 1960s Belfast. The star is young Jude Hill, who has Judy Dench for a granny, Caitriona Balfe as a ma and Jamie Dornan as a pa.

Well written and beautifully acted, as one would expect of Branagh and his cast, the monochrome street scenes of Belfast have a lustre to them that belies the underlying problems of the Troubles which of course Buddy's family has to deal with. There is a great line in the film when at one point Buddy, from a Protestant family, has a friend and is concerned that she's a Catholic. His pa reassures him with, 'She could be a vegetarian antichrist for all I care.' There is nostalgia, delivered with a spoonful of sugar, but there is also a serious vein of drama to hold you in your seat. Come and join us.

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Tattingstone Village Hall - the show will start at 8pm. We will revert to normal seating for this film

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