About Peninsular Pix

Peninsular Pix is a non-profit making organisation run by a group of volunteers. We are a member of the Suffolk Digital Cinema Network and have been supported by a grant from the Lottery Awards For All fund.

We have been showing films since November 2005 every month in the Village Hall, Tattingstone

Our 2014 Committee chairman Garry Kilworth told viewers at the first film of the year: "We now have a year ahead of us where Peninsular Pix tries to bring
you the latest and the best of the films out on DVD. We are of course committed to a film a month. Tastes among you naturally vary enormously
and we do our utmost to bring you a suitable show which most of you will enjoy. Feedback, of course, is always welcome,
especially at our AGM in the early Spring. This is a Community service run by volunteers and you are the Community.
However, there are various constraints - administrative and financial. For instance license fees for some films are much higher than others.
Charges can be as high as £150 for one showing. Then there is the availability of the films themselves. There are occasional periods when
there are no new suitable films out there and we’re thrown back on a movie that may not meet wide general approval. If the films aren’t there,
we can’t show ‘em. However, happily those periods are few and we always manage to bounce back with yet another row of films that you,
the audience, feel has been well worth the night out.
And let’s face it, there’s always the glass of wine and the chance to socialise with our good neighbours."

Shows are held usually on the first Thursday of every month and tickets cost £4.50 on the door, or £4.00 in advance from either village pub - the Wheatsheaf or White Horse - the Stutton Community Shop, Lloyd (326882) or Rosie (328315). Free drinks are served at the interval and choc-ices are available to purchase!